Neon Genesquid Evansplatioon

Neon Genesquid Evansplatioon

Finished Sping 2016, Clip Studio Paint.


What... what have I done?

For some reason, the idea to create a crossover artwork combining Nintendo's Splatoon with Neon Genesis Evangelion, with Callie as Asuka, Marie as Rei, and Evangelion Unit 1 made into a giant squid-mech. When I figured I could call it "Neon Genesquid", I knew I had to go through with it. I love Splatoon and Evangelion remains a favorite anime, so it was fun to work on and all the parts fell into place. Though, the resulting squid-mech is a little unsettling.

It also works because the name Shinji IKAri is already a squid name.

The was all done in Clip Studio Paint and I did much of it during a stream on my Picarto channel.