Finished Spring 2010, Photoshop.

This eyeful of an alien comes from the relatively obscure 1990's revival of Mattel's Masters of the Universe generally referred to as The New Adventures of He-Man. More accurately, this particular illustration is based on the updated "Masters of the Universe Classics" action figure of this character released in 2010.

Optikk is, well... do I really have to spell it out for you? He's got a giant eyeball for a head. This is awesome. His real name is pronounced by a series of blinks. This is also awesome. Honestly I don't collect this toy line. I just think he looks cool, and I have an appreciation for the underdog characters who few others care about. So I was inspired to draw him.

This was digitally painted using grays and then color was added. Textures for the metal armor and the fog were also applied to add the finishing touch.

Did I mention his head is a giant eyeball?