Finished Spring 2011, Manga Studio & Photoshop.

From Transformers Cybertron, it's Override, leader of the Speed Planet.

In Japanese, this character is named Nitro Convoy and is male. But in English, she was written and dubbed as a lady. Oddly enough, both versions of the character work perfectly fine for me, so I don't really have a preference. But with this drawing I drew the face to look more feminine because it's cool to add another kick-ass Autobot chick into the mythology of Transformers.

This was drawn as part of a Drawing Challenge on the Cybertron.ca message board. The theme was "Speed".

I didn't really feel like finishing this so instead I just added some screen tone and toyed with the colors a bit in Photoshop to distract everyone from how unfinished it really is. The result is kind of interesting though.