Super Deformed Links and Linkle

Super Deformed Links and Linkle

Finished Fall 2015, Manga Studio EX 5.

A whole wave of artists were immediately compelled to draw Linkle when she first officially debuted on the November 2015 Nintendo Direct presentation. I was no different! So I drew big headed versions of Link, Toon Link, and Linkle. Of course, little Link has already got a big head and cartoony style, so he wasn't changed that much!

I experimented in Manga Studio with some different brushes to get some Traditional media style effects in the inks and colors.

I should have thought it thought a little better because having Link's Sword in the air like this made for a lot of empty space I had to fill. So the characters are in less of the frame than I wanted. Oh well.

Much of this was finished during a stream on Picarto. Subscribe to my channel and join me there some time!