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Despite being a ninja, I am not too hard to find! Here is the place where you can follow what I do and get in touch with me.

I welcome feedback and definitely want to hear from you about my website and artwork. You can contact me in any of the ways highlighted on this page.

For personal artwork commissions or professional inquires, please include some information regarding the project. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


E-Mail - For any general inquiries or specific, non-public questions, you can send me an e-mail. Get in touch with me this way to inquire about commission availability, prices, or other art/web related opportunities.


DeviantArt - ninjatron I have been fortunate enough to have built up a good-size fanbase on DeviantArt, which is fantastic. I will post artwork there, often before I post it here on SykoGrafix. I also post other exclusive content and art-related journals. I love getting comments and questions from DeviantArt users, so please follow me there!


Twitter - @SykoGrafix Twitter is my favorite thing on the whole Internet! I use it often to post updates and communicate with people, but usually I will just post silly nonsense and random musings. I try to be entertaining. I'll also post announcements for when I am doing a streaming session.


Tumblr - sykografix The SykoGrafix Tumblr is an extension of this website, and is updated more frequently. It will have quick posts featuring artwork, sketches, silly stuff, pictures from my collections, and whatever video game/comic book/anime related randomness I am into on any given day. You can ask me questions there and I'll also us it to make streaming announcements.


Discord - Ninjatron's Dojo Chat about art, games, life, and stuff with myself and other people on my own Discord server. Primarilly focused on my streaming, you'll be notified whenever I start a stream, and have the opprotunity to contribute ideas about what you'd like to see happen during future streams. But feel free to talk about anything at anytime, and I'll catch up to it when I can.


Facebook - SykoGrafix I am not big into Facebook and do not regularly use a personal account, but I have set up a Facebook fan page where I update whenever I put up any new content elsewhere on the web. This is not my most preferred method of contact, but it's there for Facebook users to like and keep up with.

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