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If you've got your own website, I would be honoured if you would consider adding a link to SykoGrafix.

Here are some mint condition, highly collectable button and banner images in standard formats that you can use. There should be one that'll fit on your site, no matter what the focus is. They are low in fat, high in binary fiber, and taste like blue raspberry.

Just pick from any of these fine images below. Save it to your hard drive, name it whatever you want, upload it to your web space, find somewhere cool on your site to put it, and link it over to If your site uses a different size format for your buttons, let me know and I'll customize one for you.

Please contact me so I can check out your site!

- 88 x 31 Buttons -

SykoGrafix 88x31 Button 1 SykoGrafix 88x31 Button 2 SykoGrafix 88x31 Button 3

- 120 x 90 Button -

SykoGrafix 120x90 Button

- 125 x 125 Button -

SykoGrafix 125x125 Button

- 200 x 40 Banners -

SykoGrafix 200x40 Banner 1 SykoGrafix 200x40 Banner 2
SykoGrafix 200x40 Banner 3 SykoGrafix 200x40 Banner 4

- 250 x 250 Button -

SykoGrafix 250x250 Button

- 468 x 60 Banners -

SykoGrafix 468x60 Banner 1
SykoGrafix 468x60 Banner 2
SykoGrafix 468x60 Banner 3

- 728 x 90 Banners -

SykoGrafix 728x90 Banner 2
SykoGrafix 728x90 Banner 2
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