June 5th, 2002

Anime North 2002

Ninjatron is going to talk about Anime North 2002 in Toronto.

As any true-blue otaku should know, there is much more to being an anime fan than just watching it. You've got to live it! Of course, what with society being full of people who just don't understand what it's all about, that's not always possible. Except at conventions. Luckily, here in Toronto, one of the premier anime conventions in all the world lets us live, if only for 3 days a year, the anime way.

Anime North Banner

Anime North has become Toronto's #1 convention totally devoted to Japanese animation in the 6 years that it has been running. On May 24, 24, and 26, 2002, I attended Anime North for the first time. With guests that included west coast voice actors David Kaye and Scott McNeil (my old pal) and a special presentation by Tezuka Studios, it looked like it was to be a great time.

Now, in this special SykoGrafix article, I am pleased to be joined by my assistant Shawn Allison as we detail exactly what this great weekend was all about.

Shawn's Anime North 2002 Report
Dylan's Anime North 2002 Report
Shawn's Report
Dylan's Report

Anime North 2002 photos
Anime North 2002 Photo Gallery

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