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Here is some stuff that I write about every once in awhile. I've got articles about comics, animation, toys, video games, and other things I like. There are also some local convention reports. Some of this is supposed to be nonsense so don't take everything too seriously. There are some really crazy ones in here.

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Insane Rants and Ramblings
Ridiculous stuff I wrote about to get myself into trouble.
  Article 41 8 Things that are Better than Hockey. Canadian Pride meets Ninja Rage as I challenge perception of this sport!
  Article 36 Ninjatron Sucks at Drawing Transformers! An insult, a challenge, a huge Internet battle, and a comedy epic.
  Article 31 Why Ninjatron should Rule the Earth. A self-serving Political Manifesto of Epic proportions! Vote Ninja!
  Article 18 Stupid people HATE Ninjatron! An ironic look at some of my most vocal and idiotic detractors.
  Article 3 Ninjatron: Published Poet. Exposing a scam... using pie! My greatest triumph.
Comics and Animation
Reviews and observations on cartoons, anime, comic books, and related awesome stuff.
  Article 32 Knights of Ramune on DVD. Jiggly Anime Ninja Review!
  Article 23 The Mysterious Pile of Comic Books. Comedy ensues as Ninjatron unearths a stack of old comics.
  Article 16 Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Original Uncut DVD Ninja Review.
  Article 11 Street Fighter Alpha on DVD. Anime Ninja Review!
  Article 7 Burn Up W! On the case and in your face! Anime Ninja Review.
  Article 2 Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:1 DVD. Anime Ninja Review.
Video Games
Exploring some games that are classic, obscure, unique, weird, or just plain cool.
  Article 34 FreakyNES Vol. 2. Insanely illegal pirated Nintendo platform games.
  Article 26 FreakyNES Vol. 1. Illegal Pirate 8-Bit Nintendo Fighting Games!
  Article 20 C-DOGS: The best game you've probably never played! A look at an obscure computer game for DOS.
  Article 8 Let's Kick Shell! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Tournament Fighters!
Movies and Shows
Crazy live action stuff I like to watch.
  Article 39 Fist of Fear, Touch of Death. A disgraceful yet hilarious Bruce Lee exploitation film.
  Article 21 Super Sentai World! Let's make fun of Japanese Power Rangers! Go Go!
  Article 5 Godzilla 2000 on DVD! Monster Movie Ninja Review!
Toys and Collectibles
I enjoy collecting material objects so here's some writing I've done about toys.
  Article 37 Funny Asian Bootleg Robots. Less than meets the eye!
  Article 30 The Star Wars Collection. Ninja shows off his entire universe of intergalactic merchandise.
  Article 28 Son of the Spider-man Action Figure 4 Pack! Yet another batch of crazy web slinging action figures.
  Article 14 New Masters of the Universe Action Figure reviews! He-Man and Skeletor are back!
  Article 10 The Spider-man Classics 4-Pack! A quartet of ridiculous action figures in one box!
  Article 6 This is Beast Wars? A bat, a crocodile, and a bad comic book!
Convention Reports
Talking about comic/sci-fi/anime conventions I've attended. I don't really do these anymore but I'm keeping them around for the memories.
  Article 40 TransformersCon 2006 Report. Toronto Transforms again into this great convention. Includes Bonus Artwork!
  Article 38 Canadian National Expo 2005. Another report on the year's biggest convention in Toronto.
  Article 35 Anime North 2005. The biggest and most hilarious Canadian Anime Con yet!
  Article 33 TransformersCon 2005. The Canadian Transformers convention FRENZY!
  Article 29 Canadian National Expo 2004. Toronto's big comic book, sci-fi, and anime con, now with horror!
  Article 27 Anime North 2004. Canada's biggest Anime Convention gets Split into Pieces.
  Article 25 Toronto AnimeCon March 2004. A very non-serious look at a small scale convention.
  Article 24 TransformersCon 2004. A report on Canada's amazing Transformers convention!
  Article 22 Montreal Expo 2003. A convention experience filled with comics, anime, sci-fi, and Poutine!
  Article 19 Canadian National Expo 2003. Another weekend of comics, sci fi, and anime madness.
  Article 17 Anime North 2003! Ninjatron becomes a convention celebrity!
  Article 15 Canadian National Expo 2002. The Ninja Returns to Toronto's big show.
  Article 12 Anime North 2002. Detailed reviews of Toronto's #1 Anime Convention!
  Article 9 The Canadian National Expo 2001! Costumes, Anime, Transformers, and Scott McNeil!

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