November 2, 2016

The Skeletober Aftermath

Skeletober complete#Skeletober Complete by ninjatron on DeviantArt

When I started Skeletober on October 1st, I wanted to do 20 illustrations of Skeletor by the end of the month. I wound up surpassing that goal with 25! Here they all are in one image.

You can see each entry individually here on my Tumblr.

Out of all of these, my favorites are numbers  5, 8, 14, 19, 23, and 25. Which do you like best? Which style would you like to see more of in other artworks?

Will I do Skeletober again next year? Probably not, but I’ve got plenty of other ideas I’d like to try instead. Still, Skeletober was tons of fun and I kind of wish it wasn’t over because I could totally keep going. I was worried that I might get bored of it after awhile but that did not happen in the slightest. I was energized the entire time and I’m going to take that energy and place it into my next, non Skeletor related drawings. Whatever they are.



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