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Here is a collection of some of my drawings from over the years. They are sorted in different categories and each piece has a description which includes when the art was completed and a little about how it was made. You'll find famous characters and original creations, in a variety of styles and mediums.

Get in touch with me via the contact page to let me know what you think, what else you'd like to see, and if you would like to commission me to make some artwork for you.

The Anime Justice League

Inspired by the classic DC Comics super heroes comes a team comprised of the greatest characters from the history of anime.

The Justice League of Anime
Anime Justice League Returns
Anime Justice League: Serious
Anime Injustice Gang Attacks


I'm a big fan and collector of all generations of Transformers. They are some of my most favorite subjects to draw.

Super Deformed Sky-Byte
Transformers Animated Optimus Prime
Transformers Animated Bumblebee & Bulkhead
Transformers Animated Blitzwing & Lugnut
Transformers Animated Megatron
Tidal Wave
Transformers RiD Autobot Brothers
Transformers Animated Prowl
Transformers Decepticon Pretenders
Transformers Animated Rodimus & Ironhide
Transformers Nekomimi
Transformers Cybertron Override
RiD 2015 Bumblebee & Fixit
Super Deformed Optimus Prime
Super Deformed Megatron
Super Deformed Soundwave
Super Deformed Dinobot
Super Deformed Bruticus
Generation 2 Combaticons
Optimus Primal
Optimus Prime Painting
Gender Flipped Transformers
Bumblebee Movie
Bumblebee G1
Siege Optimus Prime

Anime and Manga

Characters from Japanese animation and comic books.

Eureka 7
Astro Boy - Movie Style
Captain Harlock
Haruhi Suzumiya
Super Deformed Voltron
Super Deformed Sailor Moon
Astro Boy
Tallgeese from Gundam Wing
Epyon from Gundam Wing
Super Deformed Lupin III


Mario and company have always been huge inspirations on my creativity. Here is some artwork of Nintendo's famous characters.

Luigi & Mario
Peach & Daisy
Super Deformed Links and Linkle
Super Mario Bros. 2
Smash Clash
Super Deformed Breath of the Wild Link
Samus Aran and a Metroid
Spotlight on Luigi

Fan Art

Artwork inspired by comics, cartoons, movies, video games, and whatever else I am a fan of.

TMNT Leonardo Painting
The Joker
Steve, Bruce, & Tony
Godzilla Pixel Art
Super Deformed Skeletor
Super Deformed C-3PO and R2-D2
Experimental TMNT
Super Deformed Darth Vader
Super Deformed Jason Voorhees 8-Bit Style
Mirage Style Raphael
Super Deformed Joker
Double Dragon
April O'Neil
Super Deformed Street Fighter Sakura
Super Deformed Hellboy
Skeletober 2018
Han and Chewie
Miles Morales Spider-man
Harley Quinn
Doctor Doom

Crossovers and Mash-ups

Taking two cool things and smashing them together to create something else.

Astro Boy and the Iron Giant
Superman & Batman Transformers
Neon Genesquid EvanSplatioon
Transformers VS Anime
Super SmashFormers
Spawntimus Prime
Jack Skellingtor


Characters created by me or otherwise nonsensical artwork.

SykoGrafix Girls
Ice Bot Vs. Fire Lord
Fox Chick
Video Game Addict
Dinosaur Fun Time
Robot Boy and Alien Girl
Robo Champ
Prince Frog-in-Jar and Robot Princess
Your Space Girlfriend
Samurai Bug Girl


Conceptual location and background art. Expand your browser, because these images are wide.

Lava Town
Sci-Fi City
Sunken Saucer

For more of my illustrations, check out NINJAPOCALYPSE!


A series of crazy original character illustrations from a world where anything can happen and EVERYBODY FIGHTS!

Heroes! Villains! Robots! Monsters! Warriors! Aliens! Mutants! Cyborgs! Ninjas! Challengers from beyond reason come to face the ultimate battleground: ONE ARTIST’S IMAGINATION!

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