November 3, 2017

Inktober 2017

Last month I decided to participate in Inktober, where artists all over the world do a drawing using ink every day for the month of October. I had never tried it before (last year having done Skeletober instead) and I had not really done much inking by hand in a long time. I had piles of barely used pens and a huge bottle of ink that I had not touched in years. That fact alone, was a good enough reason to bust them out and give Inktober a try. I was also l feeling kind of stuck in a rut artistically and felt like I should do something new and get some of this weird stuff out of my brain.

I did not follow any of the provided prompts or plan anything out. I just freely drew whatever came to mind at any point, mainly focusing on robots, aliens, cyborgs, monsters, and the kinds of things that I like to draw. Some of the drawings wound up being kind of dumb or just not that great, and some were done during times when I did not feel well enough to draw anything major, but I managed to get through every day without being late, which is an accomplishment.

So, here’s what I came up with.

I posted each entry individually on my Twitter and on Tumblr. I also put them up on Instagram, which I just started using when I began Inktober. You can check them out there for a better look and more info on each drawing, although for some of them I clearly had no idea what these things are or why I even drew them.

It was a fun project and I think I gained something out of it. But after a month of drawing without the benefit of an ‘UNDO‘ command, I’m looking forward to making art using a computer again.



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